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Improve your Cycling with Fluid Cycle Coaching


Fluid conducts targeted indoor cycle sessions using smart trainer technology on the Zwift platform, offering 3 structured squad meetup sessions per week with athletes training to power.

Group meetups occur on Zwift with riders completing FTP based sessions with Coach Sean Foster providing feedback and motivation during sessions.

Our squad athletes have seen major improvements in their peak power profile over the last 6months completing our FTP, Vo2max and strength endurance based training sessions.

The indoor training options have also been an optimal way to train during the 6month lockdown and with outdoor restrictions. And far from it negatively affecting training we have actually seen bigger improvements than ever in our athletes cycling performance.

This was evidenced by FLUID/MTC’s fantastic results in race 1 and 2 of Triathlon Victoria’s Virtual Club Race series event where our 46 strong team filled the podiums in all grades and our female riders took out the top 3 placings overall in the 24km road race.

For more information on this program and other Fluid training options please get in touch with Head Coach Sean ‘Foz’ Foster via email at or phone at 0421 020 805.


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