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Triathlon Specific Strength & Conditioning

We offer Triathlon Specific Strength & Conditioning, which is so important when it comes to preventing injury and improving athletic performance. 

Our sessions focus on:

Functional strength - which is all about making you stronger, by addressing the specific physiological demands of your sporting activities to help improve performace and reduce the risk of picking up any annoying niggles.

Functional Movement - this will help improve your flexibility and you’ll soon find your mobility improves, whether you’re walking, running, cycling, swimming or going about your daily activities.

First step of the Process

Our expert trainer, Lyndsey, will sit down with you to get to know you and truly understand your goals and objectives. After a thorough functional movement assessment, she’ll work with you to craft a personalised program that gets results and of course, which you’ll really enjoy doing in our boutique studio in the heart of South Yarra. 

Once we've completed the initial assessment, we can either organise one on one studio sessions or coordinate 2:1 sessions. 

Click HERE to organise a one on one functional movement assessment


Health Fund Claims

Some health funds let you claim strength training. Contact us to find out more.



You can incorporate regular Strength and Conditioning into your Tri Program Pricing click HERE for details 


Casual Pricing

ONE ON ONE - 60 mins

$60 (If currently on a Tri Program) $85 (General Member) 


ONE ON ONE - 30 mins

$35 (If currently on a Tri Program) $45 (General Member) 


TWO ON ONE - 60 mins

$35 (If currently on a Tri Program) or $55 (General Member)