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Programs / Coaching

We have a range of training programs available and our coaches tailor each program to YOU so that it aligns with your goals and fits in with your life. The customisation of each program gives you the best possible chance of achieving your triathlon goals.

You will have the option to train in a squad environment with other athletes preparing for similar events or via an online training program at your own venues. You will receive unlimited access to your coach, including face to face contact at our squad sessions and phone and email contact.

To find out more about any of the programs listed below, or to arrange your free 1 week Tri Before You Buy, Click Here

Beginners / Tri Skills

A great way to introduce yourself to triathlon or to build on the skills you already have within a like-minded group. We will increase your base level of fitness, work on swim, bike & run technique, open water swim technique. Click here for full details

Sprint, Olympic and 70.3

The program will develop your aerobic endurance and speed, and also the ability to hold your speed sustainably and work on race skills to help get you across the line as quickly as possible. You will receive your own personalised program and have the option to train in a squad environment so you can align yourself with other athletes of similar ability if you want to and work together to get the most out of your sessions.


Every aspect of your Ironman preparation will be incorporated which also includes your race goal setting, general nutrition advice, race pace planning, data analysis and every training session will be specifically designed to help you to achieve your race goal.

Training sessions will have 3 main aims:

  • Develop and maintain a strong aerobic base throughout the preparation.
  • Develop muscular strength and endurance to increase your ability to hold higher race intensities for sustained periods of time.
  • Develop speed with efforts above race pace using fartlek and interval training.


High Performance / Worlds Representation

The High Performance / Worlds Representation program is designed for athletes who have either qualified for World Champs or have the goal to take their training to the next level and are committed to do what it takes to get there. This includes age group athletes wanting to turn professional.

You will have the option to train in a squad environment with other athletes with similar goals or via an online training program at your own venues.

You will receive unlimited access to Sean, including face to face contact at our squad sessions and phone and email contact.

We have limited spots available for this program.

Run Program

The run program aims to develop a more efficient running stride through technique improvements, improved leg turnover via technique and fast twitch fibre recruitment and speed development.

Are you a runner wanting to improve your race speed or a triathlete wanting to improve your run strength?

Key aspects of the program;

  • Suitable for all levels of runner.
  • Receive your own weekly individual training program and 3 coached run sessions.
  • Progressive increases of run volume to help build endurance.
  • Long strength runs at challenging, cross country locations
  • Key mid-week run sessions to help build speed endurance.
  • Regular testing to set training paces.


Cycling Program

Have you been riding for a while but can’t work out why you’re not getting any faster? Have you wanted to try bike racing, but aren’t sure how to get involved? 

We will work with you and show you how to train, how to fix small errors you’ve picked up in training, technique and nutrition, and train you with a group of like-minded group chasing a common goal.


All relevant Fluid Movement forms, including our Direct Debit Request form and our Athlete Profile form - can be located here.


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