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Ironman Melbourne 70.3 Race Report – Gavin Slater

Training for Cairns full IM in June, this was meant to be my ‘B’ race....until I was at the start line and then it quickly became my ‘A’ race.  Had my best race over this distance with 4th AG place - overall time of 4:42 PB including bike PB averaging 85% FTP for 35km/h and a 1:41 PB run averaging 4:50 min/km.  Finally nailed the run! For the first time in a race, I gained places on the run. So what’s changed?

(1) Training - the IM program from Sean Foster of Fluid Movements is always excellent and I have always put in the effort. This time around, I’m focussing more on the detail - training in the right zones. Quality and quantity.  Having Steven Dornik as a riding buddy helps as he has every session taped to his base bar and follows it literally.  I do need to do more strength and conditioning training!!

(2) Nutrition - changed to INFINIT this season and it has proven to be a game changer. No more stomach issues!!  Energy levels and hydration remain where they need to be.

(3) Race strategy - had a plan to have a controlled race and stuck to it.  Swim - like Pistol Pete - stayed in 1st gear. Tip - start near the front as it is your best chance of being in the Ironman promo video...and the faster swimmers tend to swim straighter and get past you quickly. Kept ego in check for the bike and started the run as how I intended to finish it. Kept the rhythm going and maintained self belief that I was fit and strong enough to get the job done.

(4) MTC aid station - support from volunteers over the whole course is always good but the MTC Melbourne Triathlon Club aid station was incredible and provided a huge lift and extra motivation each time I passed through that sustained for many K’s

(5) General mindset - embracing the training this season with a positive mindset - enjoying the process and relishing the feeling of being fit and healthy.

The finish line is always special, and this time was no exception. I was quite overwhelmed at the end of the race from the relief of finally nailing the run. The hug from Dave Halantas at the finish line was special

I love being part of the Fluid Movements and Melbourne Triathlon Club set up.  The support for each other is unwavering.  So good to see the 1st timers nail their races and the more experienced campaigners do the same.

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