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GEELONG 70.3 Training Camp and Course Recon

February 9 to 11 at The Geelong Conference Centre.

Open to all Geelong 70.3 Competitors

Join Sean Foster – Performance Level Coach and Ex Pro Ironman, who will:

  • Take you around the Geelong 70.3 course and show you how best to tackle it.
  • Give you the best pacing and fueling strategies based on your ability.
  • Tips and tactics to use specific to the Geelong Course

Then on Sunday you will be able to put what you have learnt to the test with a shorter swim / bike effort and easy long run.

Special Guest Speaker – Katherine Shone Dietitian (APD), Accr. Sports Dietitian, Bac. Nutrition and Dietetics


SATURDAY - Meet at Geelong Conference Centre entrance at 6:30am

*Geelong 70.3 Course Reconnaissance

45km Group bike ride (1Lap of course) followed by an 8-14kms (1-1.5laps of course) long easy run on course. Finishing off with a Swim on course and skills session - entries exits, drafting, tips.

Lunch, then Information session

Coach Sean - pacing, tactics, tips. Race day Nutrition with Dietician Katherine Shone.

Camp dinner at local restaurant (TBA)


SUNDAY – Meet at Geelong 70.3 Swim Start at 7:00am

Race rehearsal – 500-800m Open Water Swim then 45-60kms Bike at projected race intensity, followed by short jog on course.


$75.00 per person, individuals organize own accommodation at Geelong Conference Centre.

Single room - $150.00 per night. Self-Contained Suites - $250.00 per night.

For more information go to


To book your spot email Sean Foster at

Limited spots available

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