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It's Race Week

Its Race week!

We are creatures of habit, and when it comes to athletes we are especially so.

Our personality types that gravitate us to sport thrive on routine and maintaining it. Slowly over the last 8 months i have come back to this routine that gives me great joy.... regular structured training.

Its a routine i know well and have been in the way of for nearly 2 decades. My routine in that period has taken me to some crazy hours, upwards of 34+ hours a week on the track when it was at its most intense.

This year was about getting out, racing and being involved instead of just watching from the sidelines. I raced Port Mac in May more so just as a jolt to wake me up and get me moving again.
I limped over the line in a time i have erased from my memory thankfully, but it did the trick.
I continued on and had a bit more fitness coming into Sunny Coast 70.3 in September where i was in the race a bit more finishing in 4:30hrs and 10th in age group.

Since then the local triathlon season has slowly been looming since Sunny Coast and i really wanted to get back to regular racing via Sprint events where it all started for me. I love it that as a sprinter you can get out and race every other weekend. All your eggs aren't just in one basket.

This weekend will see me suit up again for a Sprint race at the Gatorade Tri series race at Elwood. My last 'sprint' was a Mini tri at Port Arlington in 2011 which was turned into a Duathlon due to weather. It was so short and intense but was great fun all the same.

Cant wait to get out and amongst it at Elwood. I'd like to thank Dave Hanson for encouraging me suit up this weekend with an entry to the event.

Ill be looking to use racing to get me fit with a number of events over the next few months.
My main event will be Geelong 70.3 where ill give it a nudge and hopefully score a 70.3 Worlds spot for next year. But really if i beat Amy Williams from IRONMAN i will be satisfied

See you on the weekend at Elwood, come and say hi.

Good to be back in the routine.

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