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Weekend Training Schedule & News

OTWAY CYCLE CLASSIC – We have a few athletes riding the Otway Classic this weekend, including Kate Joiner, Dani Leupold, Melissa Lunardon, Tom Duggan, George Hughes, Tim Ikin. Best wishes for a fun ride hopefully in the sun.

BUSSELTON IRONMAN MEETING – Will be catching up with those athletes aiming for Ironman WA after cycling next Wednesday at Hot Honey on Armstrong St, from 7:30am. If you are considering IMWA, feel free to come along.

TUESDAY RUN WARMUP – As part of the warmup for our Tuesday squad runs at the Tan, we did some Neuromuscular activation and strengthening exercises for the hamstrings and glutes. This will come part of a regular routine pre run, especially through the recently announced Winter marathon program targeting the Melbourne Marathon in October. We hope to see at our squad run sessions.
Here was the routine we did.
Neuromuscular Activation - Quads – Leg straight out front, activate (flex) quad for 10sec both sides, Hamstring – Bent knee with knees together, activate (flex) hamstring for 10sec both sides, Glutes - Leg straight back at 45deg, activate glutes for 10sec both sides, Calves – Calve circles (10circles with ways each leg)
Stretch and Strengthening - Walking knee hugs to chest – body tall (Every 3rd step x 10), Walking neural calf stretch (alt every 3-5steps x 10), Runners Arabesque – Push leg back, back straight (engage standing glute) hold for 5sec x 10, Walking Lunge – Lead knee behind toes and straight.
Cadence Drills – Butt Kicks, High Knee working cadence, then run throughs


Meeting at Port Melbourne SLSC at 6:15am for 6:30am start time
LONG FLAT RIDE 50-150kms at 60-78%max and 80-95rpm. Run 15-25mins easily immediately off the bike

Meeting at Studley Park Boathouse Car Park at 7:45am for 8:00am RUN start time
PRE RUN RIDE Ride 45-60mins easily at 65-78%max and 85-100rpm on Kew
LONG HILL RUN 45mins to 2:00hrs at 60-85%max on slightly rolling course with final effort on Kew circuit