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Programs / Coaching

We have a range of training programs available and our coaches tailor each program to YOU so that it aligns with your goals and fits in with your life. The customisation of each program gives you the best possible chance of achieving your triathlon goals, from Sprint distance to Ironman.

Beginners / Tri Skills

A fun and friendly way to introduce yourself to triathlon. Our next course Starts on 20 August 2018....

Sprint, Olympic and 70.3

All programs are formulated by Head Coach Sean Foster...


Our Ironman specific phase is generally 20 weeks long. Every aspect of your Ironman preparation will be covered by Coach Sean which also includes your race goal setting, nutrition and race pace planning...

Run Program

The run program aims to develop a more efficient running stride through technique improvements, improved leg turnover via technique and fast twitch fibre recruitment, speed development.......

Cycling Program

Have you been commuting and riding Beach Road, but want to take the next step and take on a sportive ride? Have you been riding for a while but can’t work out why you’re not getting any faster....

High Performance / Worlds Representation

The High Performance / Worlds Rep. program is designed for athletes who have either qualified for Worlds Championship representation for the current year, or have the goal to take their training to the next level..


All relevant Fluid Movement forms, including our Direct Debit Request form and our Athlete Profile form - can be located here.


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