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Fluid Program Partners



Melbourne Tri Club


Since it's inception in 2003 Fluid Movements have been the Coaching provider for MTC and we are very proud of our successful relationship. Together, we focus on providing a supportive environment with people you'll love and a club you'll be proud to call home.

Fluid has not registered as an official club for the very reason that we represent MTC when we are out on the race course. 

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Neil Edwards

Massage Therapist 

With the use of dry needling, cupping and massage Neil can help you optimise your recovery.

Neil is based at Suite 6, 54-58 Garden St, South Yarra South Yarra and offers a 10% discount to all Fluid athletes and you can book in using this link 

Involvement  with  Teams  and  Associations:  

Melbourne  Storm  Rugby  Club  2015  to  present  

Hawthorn  football  club  2014  to  present  

Melbourne  City  football  club  2013  to  present  

Gold  Coast  football  club  2011  to  2014      


Shotz Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Shotz are a sports nutrition company developing and manufacturing sports nutrition products that have a low sensory impact and are as gentle on the stomach as possible. All very important attributes for athletes wanting to perform at their best and not get held back by stomach issues.

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Physiotherapy / Biomechanics

Kinematics provide a complete and progressive approach to optimising your health and performance by combining sports physiotherapy, biomechanical analysis, nutrition and exercise rehabilitation.

Their clinicians specialise in the assessment of functional and sport specific biomechanics (movements) of the whole body in order to identify areas of imbalance. If not addressed, these imbalances and poor mechanics can often lead to secondary compensations in the body and cascade on to cause other injuries. This holistic, full-body approach provides an effective treatment plan for not only the presenting issue but also the underlying primary cause. Therefore reducing the risk of persistence and re-occurrence of the injury or condition.

Whether your goal is to become pain free, increase sporting fitness and performance, or reduce injury risk, the team at Kinematics can help.

They are offering Fluid athletes a discounted 60 minute initial physio consultation at $150 (normally $200). Your initial consultation will include a full-body postural and biomechanical assessment, appropriate treatment and rehabilitation plan. Following your initial assessment, your clinician will provide the Fluid coaches with a comprehensive handover outlining your management plan and how we can work together to keep up with your training load and get you performing at your best.

Fluid Health

Sports Recovery

Professional grade sports recovery equipment including contrast baths, far infra-red sauna, recovery pumps and active recovery equipment.

They are providing an exclusive offer for Fluid Movements athletes 5 sessions for $247.50 (10% off) or 10 sessions for $440 (20% off)