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Train To Race

The individualised training program is the cornerstone of our 'Train to Race' coaching philosophy.

The large majority of our athletes are on formal individual training programs with Fluid. These programs are developed following an initial screening where our coaches find out important information about the athlete, such as time available to train, current ability & past performances and future goals. From there an initial program is set and developed.

We write programs for all distances of Triathlon from Sprint through to Ironman and for all athletic abilities.

We believe that you race how you train, and our aim is to make our athletes not only strong but fast through above race pace training. Our sessions involve training at lower steady intensity to develop endurance, strong sustained intensity to increase strength and also hard intensity at and above anaerobic threshold to develop speed, which is usually above an athletes projected race pace. The emphasis of the type and timing of each session will depend on how far an athlete is from their goal race, and what distance their race goal is.

Our use of variable paced training (fartlek) for both speed and strength development is also a favoured method of training, and compliments the other elements that make up our training philosophy.

We use a combination of pace, heart rate/power and perceived effort to set intensity for training, but teaching the athlete to listen to their body and pace naturally is an important lesson we pass on.

Finally we never forget that each athlete is an individual and brings their own specific physical attributes with them. Our individual programs compliment that to bring out the best in the athletes we coach.