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Simon Barnett

Age: 31

Occupation: Manager in Finance Industry

I have always been into sport in some way shape or form whether it was playing basketball at State Level, representing Tasmania, my home State, in Taekwondo, Running or Surfing. 

How did I get into Triathlon?

About 3 years ago my mother, who is a very competitive age group triathlete, suggested after a number of fun runs that I try and do a triathlon.  Just like most people I thought this was well beyond my capabilities and all I knew about triathlon is that there was lycra involved, they wore funny helmets and rode bikes which cost a lot and were made of carbon.

But, eventually I signed up for my first Gatorade Sprint Triathlon and I was hooked!

What I like about training with the squad?

There are two parts which I really enjoy as being part of the squad.

Firstly I love the people. A lot of people think that Triathlon is an individual sport, and it is definitely up to you how much you want to train, race and commit to the sport, although the people in the Fluid Movements Squad range in ages from 18 - 71 and we are like family who support each other day in and day out, training and racing together.

Our friendships are certainly not just limited to training sessions and race days, nor is it just squad members who are welcome to attend Fluid Events, as you will quite often see us catching up socially for group rides / runs, having a coffee or wine with our extended families.

This component for me has been amazing and I truly believe I have made some lifelong friends through the squad

Secondly the Coach. Coach Sean "Foz" Foster is not a just coach, he is a great athlete himself and he believes in leading by example. Not only will he put together a training program which meets your ability as an athlete that always keep you guessing and will help challenge and push you for your nominated races, he will also be there training alongside you at EVERY session rain, hail or shine.

For me this is amazing and I firmly believe Foz has made me the athlete I am today. I always say; "as long as Foz is coaching, I'll be training with Fluid."

What do I do outside of Triathlon?

Is there life outside of triathlon? Kidding. I am a sports nut, so I try to watch as much live sport as possible and when I'm not doing this I love to spend time with my wife and family and do as much travelling as I can.