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Lesley West


When I moved to Melbourne from The UK in March 2013, my aim was to find a great netball club. "It's Australia, it'll be amazing playing there". I had been playing at high performance level in London and thought it would be really easy to find a great club and coach. Unfortunately this didn't quite happen, but I know now it was definitely for the best!

My whole life I've been scared of water. Even in the shower I still don't like to put my face under! So it obviously made sense to sign up for a triathlon... I had an ok bike and my running was definitely my strength after many years of netball and almost-daily gym trips, but it wasn't amazing.

So I half kicked / floated my way round the very short swim course and finished the race. I was hooked!

I joined Fluid Movements and MTC in June 2013 and immediately got to work - I remember my first swim session when the coach asked me to get in and swim a length. My response was "but I don't know how...". So, off to a great start then.

But I'm proud to say that after a couple of years of hardly missing a training session, I now really look forward to my morning swim squad sessions (yup, I 'moved up' to morning swim squad!). I'm gradually becoming stronger on the bike whilst my run remains my strongest leg.

But it's not just about the training, it's the great friends and 'family' that I've made along the way. People often ask me how I make time to see my friends. But I see some of my best friends every day at training. It might only be a wave across the road on the boulevard, or a quick "hi" after swimming, but it's great to see them day in, day out.

To be part of such a supportive group, where everyone is right behind each other is great. Even those that I compete directly with in my age group on race day I'm fully behind. I love to see them on the podium, even if it means that I'm not!

It can be hard to juggle all of the training with work, spending time with my new husband and seeing other friends and family, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Now just to work on that Permanent Residency application so that we don't have to leave....